Planning in the Bible

Jan 5, 2020    Steve Lewis    Luke 14 and Proverbs
Pro 6:6-7, The ant is an example.
Pro 14:15, Your focus. Plan ahead.
Pro 15:22, Seek good counsel.
Pro 16:3, Commit plans to the Lord.
Pro 31:15-16, Model planner. Careful planning makes us wise.
Pro 16:9, Plan but the Lord directs.
Isa 46:9-10, His purpose will be established.
Jer 29:11, God's plans for you are good. The best for you.
Eph 1:9-10, Perfect plan for us all the time.
Acts 2:23, Perfect plan
John 10:18, Plan of God was Jesus plan too.
This new year, take the time to plan your life. Spend time on the most important things in your life. Plan for how we read our Bible and spend time with the Lord.

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