Who Is THE King?

Jan 12, 2020    Robbie Bernhardt    1 Samuel 17:2-47
A story about a God who will not be mocked. We can trust the King. Who is the true king of Israel. The Israelite people put their trust in Saul instead of God. Israel no longer trusted God. They wanted to be like everyone else. They shifted their focus from God to Saul. Saul thinks he knows better than God. God will appoint a new king - David.
Is God enough for you? He will not be mocked. Do we take serious the commands of God? We defy God when we try to do it ourselves. Challenge for 2020 - Serve Jesus. Obey the King. When you don't understand who you serve you are fearful. Obey God and we can be a part of the kingdom.
Who is your King?

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